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About Varied / Hobbyist Thank you in advance for any favourites!20/Guyana Groups :iconglobalphotographers: GlobalPhotographers
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Catching the Storm by JunsuiFox

This is probably one of your best pieces yet. The stream in the centre creates an object for your eye to follow, leading the viewer on ...

Beyond Gravity by EarthBirds

I love this! You have realy captured the wild spirit of the seagull, and it goes wonderfully with the clouded sky above it. The backlig...


Thank you in advance for any favourites!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
What do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy reading, writing, photography, archery Archery by CookiemagiK, drawing, listening to music, thinking about my next meal, pretending to be a cowboy, walking, being in the cold, making people laugh, contemplating the meaning of life, researching 'things wot interest me', jousting, cooking, knife and axe throwing, being spontaneous and collecting skulls. I also have a soft spot for strawberries and long jackets.

What do you dislike?
I don't like violence (although it is interesting), numbers, fake tan, humourless people, pork, politicians and dresses.

Where are you?
I currently live in the Pakaraimas Mountains in Guyana, South America, although I originate from Great Britain, more specifically, Scotland.
Union Jack Stamp UK by phantom Scotland Stamp by phantom :thumb60823115:

What do you submit to dA?
Photography, poetry, comics, sketches, word art (including 'Musings of the Truthful'), short stories and my webseries 'The Marvellous Adventures of Sebastian Scarlett'. I apologise in advance for anyone who has added me to their watch list for a specific medium, but I like to try a bit of everything!

Why didn't you thank me for the favourite?
I do not have time to thank everyone for favourites, so I shall thank you in advance. I am sorry for this as it is most impolite of me, but my school work, volunteering, hobbies and paid work generaly take priority.

What does your username mean?
Temujin is one of the many spellings of Genghis Khan's name before he unified the mongolian tribes. He fought with his dead fathers sword. Therefore my username is Temujin sword. However, he always said his word was iron, which meant he never broke his oaths or promises, therefore, my name could also mean Temujin's word. Tah dah.
Hello to all my dear Watchers, Visitors and any other Earthlings who've crossed my way!

So, after a year teaching in the depths of the Guyanese jungle, I have returned. I now have running water, internet access, a shower and lots of other lovely things. I spend my days eating cheese, braving the cold of my first Scottish autumn in a while, and trying to stay awake in university lectures.

I'm a bit bored by British life, but despite this, things are looking good as far as photography and writing is concerned. My plans regarding my artistic future are as follows ...

1) My new camera battery is on the way, to replace the one that died in the jungle, so expect some snazzy photos of south-west Scotland (yes, I've moved!).
2) I'm spending a lot of time sifting through photos from Guyana, so expect to see a few over the next couple of months.
3) Whilst in Guyana, I also wrote quite a lot to pass the time. I'll be uploading stories, poems and reflections as I see fit.
4) I have a brand new story project. Sorry that TMAOSS never really took off, but the idea went stale and wasn't really what I wanted. To replace this fiasco, I am currently writing a new novel: Kanaima. This is a historical novel based on the pre-missionary times in the native Amerindian tribe of Guyana that I lived with. Much of the research used in the story is my own, and I have a plan that is the best I've ever written.

If you want to know about my time in Guyana, here is the report I wrote and sent to everyone who sponsored and supported me: Remembering Guyana ...Time is one of those crazy things that catches up on you when you least expect it. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was lying in my bed in Guyana for the first time, sweating in the night-time heat, listening to the sounds of the cicadas, my heart hammering with fear, excitement and anticipation of the adventures that lay ahead. I remember thinking 'How the hell did I end up here?' Yet now, there is nowhere on Earth I would rather be. I wish I was back in that bed, a full day behind me, and a full day ahead. Because - believe it or not - that foreign place became my home. I had a life there, a wonderful life. It is a challenging task to sum up an entire year of your life at the best of times, but it is frankly impossible to sum up one that has been a full as this last one has been for me.
And so all I am left to do now I am home is to look at the few trinkets I brought back with me, listen to music from the Caribbean and Latin America, and remember what I once had.
I remember

Feel free to ask questions, and check out my photos from the year.
Caiman by TemujinswordAmai's Cassava by TemujinswordIn the Savannah by TemujinswordJungle Spikes by TemujinswordThe Yellow House by TemujinswordPalmfly by Temujinsword

Until next time,
~Temujinsword xx


I don’t know what to say.

There’s an ache. Deep down somewhere, I don’t know. Like the muscles of my body are trying to curl in on themselves and die with every thought I have. Like they’re trying to find a cave that they can disappear into. Or dig a nest of safety. Surrounded by barbed wire. To hide.

It’s something. Not quite pain. A dull ache that takes away my breath. Then relents again when it seems like it’s too much. Just a little. And it’s never enough. Then it’s back again with a vengeance like the thoughts that spawned it.

And then it bubbles up to my face and warms my cheeks until I’m blushing like a child who thinks he’s in love. But it’s not a blush, it’s raw flaming heat that burns my skin away and blisters at the corners of my eyes and blurs my brain like someone took an eraser and rubbed away all the parts that held semblances of joy and optimism until the corners of my eyes drip acid that rolls faster than water.

And it’s growing now, like the flames I burned past days in. And the acid falls faster now, falling like rain and it burns my skin and it burns my pride. And my muscles still clench like they’re trying to hide.

And I don’t know what to say.

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