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This is probably one of your best pieces yet. The stream in the centre creates an object for your eye to follow, leading the viewer on ...

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I love this! You have realy captured the wild spirit of the seagull, and it goes wonderfully with the clouded sky above it. The backlig...

Hi Guys!

Well, it's been seven months since I last posted a journal, but I think I can be excused!

I am still alive and kicking here in the jungle. My time in Guyana has been incredible so far, and I know that it will continue to be so for the next five months.

It is hard to sum up over half a year in one journal, so I'll just give the highlights (and the lowlights!): been on 8 flights in the past seven months (one with only one seat - for the pilot!); visited Suriname (and attended my first pool party with loads of Dutch students); learned to dive in a river; learned to make the Amerindian staple food - cassava bread; taught a 14 week long term; competed in the long jump and the 100m Sprint at school sports; started computer classes for the teachers; been put in charge of the brand new school computer lab; seen a poisonous snake set aflame outside my back door; had the flu and hallucinated; caught a praying mantis; had a lizard fall on my head; paddled a dugout canoe; escaped the police in a market; eaten an ant; swam in an electric-eel infested swamp; jumped from various cliffs into rivers; camped in a hammock; learned to cook curry, roti and dahl puri; learned how to pick tangerines and lemons; experienced two minor earthquakes; eaten two live, biting ants; eaten caterpillars; fixed my house windows with cardboard; fractured my big toe; learned to dance Forro; started to like beer; seen a poison arrow frog; caught a sloth; had a killer scorpion very near my foot; developed a love for football; had numerous infected wounds; swam in a river with islands larger than Barbados in it; had practice at 'operating' on my own, and other peoples feet; bought a large machete; been given a slingshot; eaten labba; cut down a tree with a cutlass .... the list goes on.

I love it here. It is a beautiful country, with vibrant people and even more colourful animals. But living here is hard. Although I am extremely happy living in Guyana, going home will be a relief. I miss my friends and my family. I miss my dog. I miss cheese and hugs. I miss the snow and I miss the ice. I miss the safety and I miss the silence of the fields.

But I am happy to be here. At times I wish I could go home, but all good things must come to an end, so I feel that it is best to enjoy those good things whilst you can. And I feel that if I can survive here, if I can survive this year, nothing that life throws at me will ever bring me down.

Peace out. Lots of love,
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Thank you in advance for any favourites!
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
What do you do in your spare time?
I enjoy reading, writing, photography, archery Archery by CookiemagiK, drawing, listening to music, thinking about my next meal, pretending to be a cowboy, walking, being in the cold, making people laugh, contemplating the meaning of life, researching 'things wot interest me', jousting, cooking, knife and axe throwing, being spontaneous and collecting skulls. I also have a soft spot for strawberries and long jackets.

What do you dislike?
I don't like violence (although it is interesting), numbers, fake tan, humourless people, pork, politicians and dresses.

Where are you?
I currently live in the Pakaraimas Mountains in Guyana, South America, although I originate from Great Britain, more specifically, Scotland.
Union Jack Stamp UK by phantom Scotland Stamp by phantom :thumb60823115:

What do you submit to dA?
Photography, poetry, comics, sketches, word art (including 'Musings of the Truthful'), short stories and my webseries 'The Marvellous Adventures of Sebastian Scarlett'. I apologise in advance for anyone who has added me to their watch list for a specific medium, but I like to try a bit of everything!

Why didn't you thank me for the favourite?
I do not have time to thank everyone for favourites, so I shall thank you in advance. I am sorry for this as it is most impolite of me, but my school work, volunteering, hobbies and paid work generaly take priority.

What does your username mean?
Temujin is one of the many spellings of Genghis Khan's name before he unified the mongolian tribes. He fought with his dead fathers sword. Therefore my username is Temujin sword. However, he always said his word was iron, which meant he never broke his oaths or promises, therefore, my name could also mean Temujin's word. Tah dah.

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